Modem Yaesu HRI-200
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Yaesu HRI-200

Yaesu HRI-200 is a modem for connecting via the Internet to the System Fusion protocol. This modem allows the use of VoIP multi-mode Internet communication system with radio amateurs around the world.

Yaesu HRI-200 supports analog and digital C4FM mode. System Fusion from Yaesu is the fastest growing digital radio amateur communication system. The brochure details all the new amazing features of WIRES-X, including the highest level of audio quality, intuitive user ID, advanced level and user-friendliness. Read the brochure and you will be surprised at the new opportunities that are opening.

Yaesu HRI-200 allows you to create your own node or room of the world network Yaesu System Fusion. There are thousands of such nodes in the world, communication with which will become possible thanks to the modem Yaesu HRI-200. By creating your own node, you can communicate with radio amateurs around the world in the WIRES-X system even with a portable radio station. The quality of communication is much higher than other types of digital communication, and is comparable to telephone quality.

To create your own node, you will also need a computer with an Internet connection, analog or digital C4FM radio station of 144 or 430 MHz band. To build a digital node, it is recommended to use Yaesu FTM-400 or Yaesu FTM-100.

Yaesu HRI-200

Yaesu HRI-200 price ≈ $130

Yaesu HRI-200 specifications:

• Mains voltage: USB Bus Powered, DC ± 5.0 V ± 5%
• Current consumption: 130 mA ± 30 mA TYP
• Operating temperature: 32º F - 122º F (0 º C to + 50 º C)
• Connectors: Mini DIN 10 pin (Radio1, Radio2), 3.5 φ Audio out (Monitor), USB B type USB 2.0
• Case size: 4.4 x 1.0 x 5.2 inches
• Weight: 11.9 oz (340 g)

Yaesu HRI-200 manuals

HRI-200 Reference Manual for DR-1X/XE (MAIN firmware V1.10Q) 1907-E ( 2.48 MB )
HRI-200_Manual_ENG_2304-N ( 14.36 MB )
HRI-200_Reference_Manual_for_DR-2X_XE_2304-J ( 2.53 MB )
WIRES-X_PDN_Function_OM_ENG_2304-K ( 14.02 MB )
WiRES-X_Software_Ver_Up_Manual_ENG ( 681.57 KB )

Software, firmware for Yaesu HRI-200

WIRES-X Connection kit HRI-200 Firmware (Ver. 1.01) 2015 & Older Only ( 6.99 MB )
WIRES-X Remote Monitor Software (Ver.1.010) ( 856.13 KB )
Amateur Radio \ WIRES Internet Linking PL23XX_Prolific_DriverInstaller (Ver. 402) ( 8.85 MB )
WIRES-X Connection Cable Kit Driver Installation Manual (2205A) ( 836.29 KB )
WiRES-X PC Software Update Information (ver. 1.550) 4/25/23 ( 65.36 KB )
WiRES-X Portable Digital Node Function PC Software (ver. 1.550) 4/25/23 ( 42.20 MB )

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